Shadows. They exist between black and white; between the good and the evil; between the day and the night, light and... .Between indicates that apart from the factors, which are visible in the picture, and which are also tangible and clear, there exists a boundary. Boundary, which needs to be found or even tried to be crossed over. And this as well is the aim of Oľga Paštéková. Finding boundaries, hidden intimacies and new ways of visual display, or possibilities of portraying gray: „How many shades does the gray have? “
There, in the work of this young versatile author, but mainly a painter from the studio of prof. Ivan Csudai, are from the beginning being formed her own and expressive characteristics, like her drawing manuscript, theme of the night, playing with the painting of light and shadow. Shadow is one of the main subjects of her investigation, and in this investigation, she is accompanied with a thought of a philosopher Peter Sýkora: “Shadow is the interface between the day and the night, the light and the darkness, but it is neither the light nor the night, but rather it is both. But shadow is a symbol of a disappearing being immersing into nothingness. Where is the interface between Being and nothingness? “
The topics for Olga’s paintings come largely from her diary, which she´s been drawing for some years already. There, in the diary, she captures her own experiences, impressions, feeling and visions, which she later, with a certain time distance reviews and transforms into mostly large-scale paintings.
In her earlier Works is the author playing with a more vivid colour scale, more expressive face of the figurative portrayal, and the base of her painting become acryl (cycles Night walker, Petržalka 19:05). Gradually she came to the black and white scale, the figures are suppressed to the background and they are becoming only a kind of a sign – different creature:” With the reduction of colour, the space of the picture is emptied. It seems as if the reality has disappeared, and there comes something cloudy, dreamy – the light, the shadow and some kind of an intangible space. “
Olga Paštéková obviously considers each thought, each gesture, which she is planning to transfer onto the canvas, and that shows an original and thorough approach to painting itself, but also to her own work. That captures the mood of the situation clearly and enthusiastically, while she still maintains the intimacy testimony and access to the book is somehow still locked for "unauthorized" persons.

Michaela Bosáková