Animal vs. City / Berlin ArtResidency Exhibition

Olga Pastekova, Slovak artist, currently lives and works inside our art-space Liegenschaft, Berlin.
Olga's world is crossed by appearances and contrasts, nebulous animals and human beings living in a space, sometimes known, sometimes still unexplored.
There is a strong introspection and careful analysis of the details in her works. Shapes, shadows and highlights are walking without fear in her production, creating a kind of natural embrace with the public. “The word of phantoms and myths is more real than reality. I perceive the creatures that live with us there; I listen to their voices, especially in the night. (…) There is suddenly a moment of silence. (…) it’s a metaphysical feeling”.
Olga Pastekova (1984), graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, has been able to transform her graphic-perception of the world in painting, building fables and fairy tales for adults.
For those who still want to believe.
For those who still want to imagine.

Valerio Mazzetti Rossi, August 2016